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    Theme Balancing

    One thing I've come to realize, post Epic boost update, is how imbalanced certain themes are and how much range they cover thanks to a few particular cards.

    Take Mystic for example.
    Sexy Nun Randy and Pocahontas Randy are both heavy and fast attackers that have HP comparable to tanks, that alone is already bad but the Sexy Nun has higher stats than the Pocahontas. If a Mystic theme is meant to be a used for energy control and healing, the sexy Nun should have lower/ slower attack with the same amount of HP and Pocahontas should keep it's attack power/ speed but have less HP. As of right now the Sexy Nun is being spammed along side tanks and is used that way you'd think a card from the attack deck should.

    I could go on with other Mystic cards having unreasonable High power like Pope Timmy, (a cards who's gimmick is to revive so it shouldn't be all that powerful from the get go), or how certain Fantasy cards are rendered obsolete do to other themed cards doing there job better. I want to make this thread for people to discuss what they feel is imbalanced based on themes and how we can find ways to keep keep certain cards from covering too many jobs that they should be done by others.

    From Time to time I'll update the first post with ideas from the community. So keep thinking and critique ideas to make the game feel more balenced

    Neutral (The play-makers and assist Cards)

    Marcus -- Covers too many areas, (High HP, fast attack, decent strength). If his charge ability is the focus, make him weaker so that he needs cover from other cards to better balance his strong ability.

    DogPoo -- Too much HP,

    Mystic (low power but high HP and Energy Manipulation)

    Sexy Nun Randy -- needs a power/ attack speed nerf.

    Pope Timmy -- Reduce power.

    Hallelujah -- Should cover a range similar to Fireball instead of the entire stage or cost 5, (Fireball and Hallelujah should be equal).

    Adventure (should be the them with highest attack power)

    Pocahontas Randy -- needs an HP nerf.

    Shaman Token -- needs faster attack speed.

    Bandit o Sally -- slightly higher base stats than Smuggler Ike, (no abilities after all)

    Hook-hand Clyde -- *Personal idea* Make the Warcray always attack the furthest opponent , (not including the player tower). The target does not change if another enemy is summoned further away once the Hook-hand Clyde is played, so lightning or combustion are still the best counters.

    Sci-Fi (should focus on placement and control)

    Bounty Hunter Kyle -- The attack boost/ healing he gives off should be only in a radius around him, (puts more effort in placement)

    Awesome-o 4000 -- Reduce Freeze time

    Cyborg Kenny -- Decrease mind control time by two seconds


    Le Bard Jimmy -- Needs a stronger ability

    Stan the Great -- could have less HP in exchange for his ability to be stronger
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    This is a really lovely breakdown, thanks very much for sharing it with us. I think our team will find it very interesting!
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    Good to know thanks Ubi-Tollor, one thing I would suggest the devs have look at are the personalities going over the top cards right now.

    Having experienced the top legendary myself I can agree with most of these being the top cards right now but what people should take note of is why. A lot of cards right now have too many advantages over any other single card. That Marcus for example is described as a mini tank but can also attack fast with decent power, if his job is direct damage then he shouldn't be able to handle so many other jobs at once, rather other cards should be supporting him while he builds up a charge.
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    Added some more card balance ideas after looking at some other threads people have made.
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    If you want True balance between the themes and EPICs are the meta, they all HAVE to have the same amount of epics in each fighting category. Maybe amount of legendaries too, but the same category is not quite necessary.

    Mystic has two epic assasins, so
    Adv/Fantasy need two epic assassin cards, Sci-Fi needs one.

    Adventure has 3 epic fighter cards, so
    Mystic needs one epic fighter card.
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy needs two epic fighter cards.

    Adventure is the only theme without an epic ranged card so it needs one.

    Adventure/Mystical need 1 epic tank
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    Yeah, that video really nails it. In my opinion, Chicken Coop and Hallelujah are hands down the best two cards in the game. Who in the world thought Pope Timmy was more needful of a nerf? At this point, I would mindlessly Unholy Combustion a Chicken Coop without hesitation (back how it used to be for Stan of Many Moons and Mecha Timmy before their nerfs.

    Arrowstorm basically makes about half of all commons unplayable. I think to myself - will this survive arrowstorm? If not, I don't play it. Is that what Redlynx really wants? It's not amazing, as much as it is stupid.

    Chicken Coop: Ridiculously powerful. You basically have to unholy combustion it immediately, or it will kill you. It's not like putting bounty hunter Kyle, nelly, and robo bebe (three amazing anti swarm cards) will help because they'll spend 20 seconds fighting off chickens, congregate around the center, and all die to a Rogue Token. That seems fair. I countered your Chicken coop and lost the energy trade badly.

    Hallelujah. Most well-played cards break one phone. Hallelujah breaks 3. 'Nuff said.

    Lastly, Terrance Mephesto. Nathan is a nice anti-swarm card because of his range, but he's awfully slow. Not only does Terrance Mephesto not have that problem, but he's flying! Rage-inducing.

    These are the cards that make me want to quit. I'll let Redlynx think about whether that's the kind of cards they want in the game.

    Oh, one more thing - please give the Mecha-Pope treatment to Awesome-o and Zen Cartman. Playing one of these as your lead card is basically a three or four energy play, unless it's awesom-o and the enemy is lucky enough to have started with unholy combustion
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    You don't seem to understand how pope timmy is an insurmountable wall of a card without running mystic or fantasy. Those themes use ample amounts of hard removals to counter him. That hides how powerful he really is. You could argue that they just need to give adv/ scifi comparable hard removals, but that just makes the themes more homogenized. Better to just fix the problem at the root and redesign a boring card played by bush league no skills to push into the top 1000.
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    I think you could have been more condescending in your reply. But as for the content, no, I know exactly how powerful Pope Timmy was - he just wasn't as powerful as Chicken Coop or Hallelujah. Also I'm unclear on why Chicken Coop takes more skill than Pope Timmy.
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