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    PSN: Shojimbo
    Mic: Yes
    Language: English

    I'm from Ireland but usually play into the late hours! Love team-based, objective-based tactical shooters. Haven't played a Ghost Recon game before but Future Soldier is looking great. Will be happy to team up with any player and play any role for the beta (I have already pre-installed) tomorrow. Hopefully the game does the business and I'll put in my pre-order.
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    Location: Mideast US
    Mic: Yes
    XBL: MutateApe

    I'm a first timer to this series. Whether I buy this game or not probably solely depends on the quality of the beta.
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    Playing every Thursday night @8pm MST, weekends, and any other chance I get.
    Looking for Teamwork with mature, (relatively) clean mouthed people.
    Mention this forum on friend request.

    See you on the battlefield!
    XLB- ddSlyMcNastybb
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    Looking for a team to play with for the ps3 when the beta allows us to. ADD MY PSN PLEASE ifree-base (and no i dont do drugs.) lol add me up people looking for serious players.
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    please add me i dont want to jump into a random team with teammates who are no good..so if i dont add you back right away message me the friend invite and i should be able to get to it around 9 pm eastern time. thanks! so ready for this to start .
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    CrashOkami's Avatar Member
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    Aug 2011
    Athina, Greece
    Location: Greece
    Mic: Optional
    XBL: CrashOkami
    Timezone: GMT +2

    I'm a sucker for third-person shooters, and an expert tactician. I can think of tactics on the move, and can easily adapt to any situation. I can also use any class and weapon, as long as the situation calls for it, but I mainly go with assault variants, since I want to be close to the action. I don't like trash-talking between my teammates, and I prefer a fair, but fun, loss to a victory through pushing my teammates with unneeded words and the like. Feel free to add me for the beta and retail!
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    xbl XXXXZigXXZagXXX btw how do u download beta i havent gotten anything from ubi soft and does ur gt have 2 b linked 2 ubi acc?
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    iBK Tr0llzoR my english is bad but still idgaf i just wanna play ^.^
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    I will be playing as soon as it goes live i already have it downloaded add me on xbox gamertag- iplay winn3r
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    XBL: Nick332
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