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    Is there acc gonna b a RUSE 2????? hope so

    the thing i want the most is a higher unit cap cause on 2v2 50 isnt enough

    Also unlimited time
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    maybe they could do something in modern day... just a suggestion
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    enough with the ww2 , lets go modern , apaches , a10's , kiowa's , abrams vs t 90 , ya it would be alot like battlefield 3 or mw3 but u could add uav's , jdams , ieds etc , so many better vehicles out there now with more power and show and awe to them , now for naval , limit it to subs , cruise missiles , eod bots etc , see how much more fun it would be , and a little bit more better detail on terrain destruction and vehicle destruction... and a working fire system , things stay on fire until u put it out ..
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    There should be a modern day R.U.S.E
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