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    I enjoy playing the game. What attracted me to the game is the storyline so far though I haven't played for too long.

    I noticed from a previous reply that someone alluded to the idea that the friends added may contribute more than just acquiring 4 extra cups of coffee and using their machines in the lab. May I suggest that the friends we do have may help in solving cases by helping out in the labs or finding clues.

    In regards to the energy/expenditure of energy, may be a way to enhance the game would be to add more opportunities to play the mini game and may be have more than 1 type of challenge.

    Some players describe having an excessive amount of game money at the end. I think adding extra/side tasks for characters would be an interesting features to add to the game. An example would be to have characters pay with *game money* to take courses to attain attributes such as becoming an expert in working on some type of equipment in the lab. This would give the character more of a 3-dimensional feel rather than everyone having basically the same game experience. Plus it would be an incentive for us to rely more on our friends and ask our friends for help if they are able to process clues faster.

    Some other miscellaneous attributes I would like to see with the game:
    ~ Multiple story lines. After processing a crime scene, I would like to have an option to choose the next location. This may be a little bit difficult to achieve considering the platform and sophistication to execute such a request. It would be great for replay value.
    ~ Red herrings. I wouldn't mind being led to the wrong conclusions or have multiple conclusions to a case. They would be great with plot-twist and give flexibility to the storyline plus great replay value.

    I think the game as a great overall potential.
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    I don't understand why we can't buy energy/coffee with our funds as it is in most other games on FB...
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    Thats Right i´m Level 66 and have 700000 fundings and can nothing Buy for the game.
    No Equipment for the Lab and no tools for the search.
    What shell i do with the Funding??
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    How do you Solve Cases??

    I have so many cases that all the tiles have been searched, all the evidence has been processed but then they are just hanging out there. How do you wrap them up?? There are no buttons that I can find anywhere to do this. CSI Miami has you question the suspects & arrest them as a normal progression of each case. Why is it not that way in CSI Crime City?? Please help.
    Thank you.
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    Helo LAHarms,

    you can contact our customer support here:
    (click "Ask a question" then select "Facebook/webgames > CSI Crime city") they will be able to look at your account specifically and see if there's a an issue with it.

    Thank you!
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    New Games

    Anybody know when the new game series with DB are going to be loaded?
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    Is there a level A level 49?

    Level 49?
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    Crime city

    Join my syn I don't ask much very chill 197254139
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    Crime city

    Join my syn I don't ask much very chill 197254139
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