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    [Contest] Show us your most idyllic screenshots!

    Dear Settlers fans,

    to celebrate the upcoming History Collection, we would like to start a small raffle at this point:

    What's up to win?
    We're giving away 10 Uplay Keys for The History Edition of The Settlers 1!

    How can I participate?
    Show us in this thread one (!) self-made screenshot of a particularly idyllic, beautiful moment in your favorite Settlers game.

    This could be e.g. a lonely fisherman during his day's work in The Settlers 3, Darios hawk on a scenic flight over The Settlers HoK or even a snowy village from Settlers 6, etc.

    Allowed are all games, which will be released as History Edition, ie The Settlers 1 to The Settlers 7 including their AddOns. Of course, you can even upload a screenshot from The Settlers Online.

    The 10 most stunning screenshots win one of the promised keys.

    Multiple postings and the submission of multiple screenshots is not allowed, discussions should be avoided in this thread please.

    Who can participate?
    All forum users are allowed to participate, with the exception of employees of Ubisoft, Blue Byte and Envision Entertainment.

    When is the closing date?
    Closing date is 09/07/2018 23:59

    How do I upload a screenshot to the forum?
    To upload a screenshot, click on the corresponding graphic icon above the text editor. Only URLs can be specified here.
    This offers image hosters such as http://www.directupload.net/ where you can quickly upload screenshots and get a link. Please be sure to use only self-made screenshots to avoid violation of copyrights and to comply with the aforementioned competition conditions.

    Update: There is a clever guide how to upload screenshots: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...e-a-screenshot

    The contest is closed, here are the winners:


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    I am really looking forward to those screenshots

    maybe you can use this one as an inspiration:

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    Who knows this feeling?

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    I always loved fresh start on random generated maps in S4, so many troops
    I hope that new settlers will have random map generator, PLEASE, this is important to extend the repeatably and lifetime of the game !

    I hope that your history edition of settlers 4 will be compatible with windows 10 and Full HD resolution, because right now it is very hard to make it working without issues. I also hope that it will be compatible with screen capture software like GeForce Experience or OBS because I want to stream The Settlers 4 when history edition will come out
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    contest entry

    Last minutes of my World Campaign. After many years I returned to the game and conquered all continents. Even after 20 years it was fun and entertaining but now I feel empty.
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    Old Good Days with princess Zoe

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    The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom plus my Collector's Edition box sets

    Ahhhhh I LOVE The Settlers. Ever since the 1990's when I bought the first game and ever since i've bought the Collector Editions. I even still have a pouch of corn seeds in The Settlers 7 that I never touched PLEASE let me have one of the Historic packs for my collection hehe

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    It is a picture from The Settlers 6, with GUI off (using code). It reminds me a bit of settlers 4, and also of an old educational programming game that I've played, there was a tropical planet with huge ants on it, So i tried to capture feelings of my childhood in one picture

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    As a Settlers 3 fan (and German), I of course love a well-working economy like on Maru's screenshot :P

    @suavomirro: Your screenshot is very small, do you maybe have a slightly bigger version? I'd love to see some details about your game there.

    And with DJHadesUK we got a real collector!

    Love the screenshots you guys post (so much nostalgia), looking forward to more

    edit: Forgot to answer your questions Wilendar, sorry.
    From The Settlers 3 upwards the games will support 4k resolutions and all games of the History Collection will run under Win10, that's one of our main priorities.
    For streaming I can't give you any details yet, but we're planning to do some "nostalgia streams" of the series in the future, so we'll soon see if it works
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