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    I agree with the above. Map/campaign editor and mod support are the best ways to improve replayability over a long period.
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    Loving the sound of things so far

    I do like the sound of being able to set things in motion and then be able to watch the graphics as the build queues, etc progress. I did find the early versions of the game a little frustrating when productions stopped and it took a little while to figure out why and then resolve that (From memory, most usually from a lack of available carriers, or gold coins, etc). It would be nice if there were some sort of traffic light system (or economy table) which allerted to possible shortfalls.

    Perhaps there's a possibility of an "Aggression stance" in settings so players can somehow flag that they are either totally peaceable, through some scale up to full-on aggressive and this stance setting had a strong influence over how often waves of attacks would be staged against such players. If the stance could be adjusted in-game, then even the most aggressive folk could tone down their aggression long enough to be able to complete a real life meal before the next waves of attacks started? And the totally passive folk might have much more of a player versus environment game than a warring game?

    I realise there is much work to do, but I am also saddened to read it will be at least 12 more months until there is a playable game! <sigh> Wish I could do something to actively speed things along a tad!
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    I would have to agree with a lot of other posts in this thread regarding the mechanics from the older titles. Using workers or military buildings to expand territorial borders, using geologists to discover if terrain contained any resources - these are just a couple of examples of what really made the game unique. Some people may prefer the changes to the series that followed in later installments, but placing down 10 outposts to control the entire map territory honestly just is not the same and it dries up rather quickly.

    I welcome good graphics, too. It is not the be all and end all, but it is certainly a bonus. The trailer does make me think of the game Foundation when comparing graphics, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    These days, mod support is almost essential for a games longterm health so I am hoping that this will be a key feature of the upcoming release. Some people like simplicity, yet others such as myself do enjoy very deep, rich and complex content to add flavour and variety. If the base game code is solid and the code supports modding, then it will attract a mod community.

    Basically, if you took Settlers 1 - 4, combined those with the game 'Banished', with updated graphics and mod support, then you will be onto a winner.

    Also - one common phrase I am reading a lot in the dev blogs is that construction space is 'limited' and 'precious'; I'm hoping that it might just be a theatrical narrative but having the option to play XL maps which are actually XL is something I hope will be on offer.
    "It's good, but it's not big enough" is a common opinion when you look toward many other city-building/simulation games, for example:
    - Civ6 modding community created maps 7 times larger than the largest base game size;
    - Cities: Skylines modding community created maps comprising 81 playable tiles as opposed to the base game of 9;
    - Banished modding community created map seeds 4 times larger then the largest base game size.
    Of course a lot of this will be determined by each persons PC Specs whether or not their set-up will support such settings, but it would be worthwhile bearing in mind that there will be a very large portion of players which would thoroughly enjoy a marathon styled session.

    In regards to roads and walls - presuming that we can manually designate these if they are to be included - one particular feature which would be really nice to see is if we can have the option to select both a straight line tool and a curved tool - similar to how you lay roads in Cities: Skylines. It would greatly add to the aesthetic possibilities of the game to be able to have real curvature instead of stitching together multiple straight lines giving it a hexagon-style effect instead.
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    Is it possible to download the game already? I can´t find anything ..
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    I am really looking forward to The Settlers Return I hope that they do a good job of it and as most people have commented so far use the good points of the previous games to create a new one we can all enjoy.
    City building and fighting!
    Was disappointed by the History edition of Settlers it was riddled with glitches.

    Settlers 7 was a great game lots of options but the in game engine algorithms were sort of predictable in as much as: if you got the trade stone for fish - you would almost for sure run out of stone and fishermen would stop working. It always seemed that if your success relied upon a single resource, the game would deny you that one thing and make it very difficult to re-instate.

    Hoping for a new 4-6 hour game to play with friends it would be nice to be able to save a multiplayer game and be able to restart it. Also would love a proper level builder used to love making proper custom levels the current level editor on Settlers 7 is quick and easy but the fixed terrains and maps do eventually restrict the level of modification available.

    HOWEVER the fact that Ubisoft are making a new SETTLERS is fantastic news and a great tribute to those of us who have supported the Series from day 1 decades ago. Settlers has always been my favorite strategy game.
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    One last thing Please don`t make this a Kingdoms of Anteria travesty - that game was terrible. Building Managing and Fighting 3 staples of true Settlers game ...........Am excited!!!
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    Originally Posted by gajodoporto Go to original post
    Is it possible to download the game already? I can´t find anything ..
    The new The Settlers isn't out yet - but keep an eye on our channels during gamescom when we'll have more to announce.

    Originally Posted by pogle63 Go to original post
    One last thing Please don`t make this a Kingdoms of Anteria travesty - that game was terrible. Building Managing and Fighting 3 staples of true Settlers game ...........Am excited!!!
    Thank you for your comment(s), pogle63! We're confident this one is gonna be a lot of fun.
    And we're excited about showing you more and especially letting you get your hands on the game yourself at a later date (no details yet, in case you ask )
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    Please, tell us that this version of The settlers will be on console (Xbox) also
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