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    PC Keyboard not recognized

    I have the game from steam, and I'm using a PC with windows 10. I want to use my keyboard. However everytime I load the game it gives me controller buttons to use. I cannot crouch and am having serious issues figuring out the buttons. I have not controller plugged in
    Before you say it - crouch is not in the remap options.
    I have disabled all of my touch screen options that come natively with windows 10, however that did not solve my problem. Any help is appreciated.
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    After testing several scenareos in both Steam and Uplay versions of the game, this workaround fixes the issue every time:

    1. You need to have an active controller/gamepad. Make sure is turned on before launching the game.
    2. Run the game, gamepad prompt appears, use the gamepad.
    3. Turn off the gamepad (disconnect USB or take out the batteries).
    4. Press any keyboard keys and the keyboard prompt will appear.

    (Must repeat the procedure every time the game is launched)
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