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    Want/need advice (vs Conquerer)

    As a Warlord main im a heavy,
    Heavys cannot dodge + GB after conqs shield bash = I cant punish it.

    I keep running out of stamina, and I eventually get grinded down.

    Im scared of getting my lights parried, so I dont trow too many out. My headbut gets punished by a GB + counter attack.

    How do I win this match up consistantly against a spammer? Is my only chance to Ledgelord him or is there a legit strat I can use to grind him down to dust?

    Warlord has less stamina

    Warlord has far less range

    Warlord has the far weaker full guard + punish

    Warlord has less damage


    I cant feint a headbutt, I cant feint a leap, I cant do mix up because I only have L H / H L combos on the basic side?
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    Im Playing Conq, now im in rep 6. Here's my advice to you fight agains conq::

    1. Learn to dodge conq shield bash.

    2. After you dodge it, there's 2 option: a. GB, b. Wait for a parry (most player, after shield bash he wil pull off upper light attack)

    3. Use heavy faint, most of conq will dodge after seeing flashing red arrow, and you can GB him just before the shield bash comes out.

    Hope this tips help you againts Conq.
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    My advise is to just have fun and enjoy the game. Accept that you are going to lose to Conqueror most of the time. There's not some special strategy or technique that you can use to beat him. Warlord, like most heroes in For Honor, is just inferior to Conqueror in every way. It's been two years and this game has never been balanced at an acceptable level and the For Honor community has been asking for Conqueror's shield bash to be nerfed in some way since Season 5 and it hasn't happened.
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    Against the bad ones, try some spacing, lots of conquerors just bash out of range, and you get a free guarbreak on them. If you can, try to bait out their fullblock or side dodge shieldbash, both are easily punishable with a guardbreak. Of course, every halfdecent conqueror knows these weaknesses, his offense and defense are superior in every way, so against them, the best thing to do is hoping that the rework will help warlord compete.
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    |Conqueror is S tier on all levels, he has unpunishable bash that you can gb only if you pre-dodge. All you can do is just wait for this cancer bs to be nerfed
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