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    Dialogue in cutscenes is inaudible.

    I am currently playing through the Casa Bonita DLC on the Switch version of Fractured But Whole, and the dialogue audio for the cut scenes is not playing. I had this issues once during the main game (in the cut scenes around the initial battle with the meth heads in the storage unit where they are collecting cat urine), but in this case it is affecting every cutscene, such as the one where Cartman wants you to get his photograph at the souvenir jail cell and the vampire kids party table.

    Any idea on what can be done, or is this a glitch that will be addressed in a future update?
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    I have the same issue

    I just bought the dlc and the audio started glitching out.
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for posting.

    The team is currently looking into some issues with audio on the Switch version. If you haven't yet, please fill out a report with our support team.
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    Thanks for your response, I'll do that.
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