I got this idea for an event that uses the members of your team.

The concept is a 6 VS. 6 tower system where three towers on each side that are replaced as soon as one is destroyed, they are places at the back end corners and back center. All towers including your own will only have one box and none can auto attack, your tower will be the last one brought in when you have no more stock members available.

You play the stock match with 6 minutes and play your cards just like you do normally however your team towers have a charged ability to summon units.

The charge time is dependent on the summoned cards energy and the team members current event level. This works by in the beginning, players will choose a star card in their deck when the event starts, before you can participate you must also choose five other members who have also chosen their star card, (spell cards can't be star cards). You grow your current event level with wins, they are displayed as points for the victory, towers destroyed etc. Depending on the rarity of the card you chose, your level up system can be fast or slow. The units your team towers chose will begin at level one and are summoned right in front of the selected tower, the units will level up as your team members when they win. Your tower is the only one that does not have a charged summon.

This will offer a huge change to how you play the game in this event, from choosing team members with specific star cards to gearing your deck to tackle multiple targets.

I'm still working on the kinks but let me know what you think, if there is anything to add or remove.