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    Just a suggestion for a new feature.

    A problem when building a deck for the challenge event or friendly battles is that I can never see the stats that the cards will actually have because they are often upgraded higher than they will be in these battles. It would be nice to have something like a button that let's you switch the deckbuilder between a regular, challenge and friendly mode. For example, you tap the button to switch the deckbuilder to challenge mode and all commons that are upgraded higher than base lvl4 show you their base lvl4 stats instead. Or as another example, if you switch to friendly mode, all rare cards will show their base lvl3 stats even if you have them upgraded higher or lower than base lvl3.
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    Is it at all possible to lose half your health 5 seconds into a pvp match? Like with the right combination. I have a screenshot of it in case it's a hacker and not just a glitch or something
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    Originally Posted by lenocler Go to original post
    Hi Ubi-Toller, thank you for the update.

    I agree with Zeusdonkey in relation to Awesomo, another epic card that I think should be reviewed is Kenny cyborg because I think it´s spend too much energy compared to Princess keny..

    See you,
    I agree with you it should have cost 3 or 2 but with the control time reduced by 5 seconds at the most!

    But if this is ever done you will need to raise the cost of the Jimmy Enforcer to 3!
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    Game still not fixed

    And i still cant even play my game because its still stuck on the outfit part of the tutorial, whens that even gonna be fixed? Im not the only one.
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