I have been playing TF for a few years now, and the last couple of months I have noticed that the game runs very badly most of the time.

Everything is so laggy and annoying, it goes on until the game crashes and it sends me to Home Screen, also the phone usually heats up. I keep wasting Golden Tickets or Event Tickets because of this.

For some reason though, maybe out of 10 times that I open the game, one time it works just fine. And that's what's making me think I can sort of fix this, but so far I have not been able to find a solution.

Before I get the usual tips and tricks to fix this, I will list all the methods I have tried so far:

- Close and open the app again.
- Close and open the app again a few hours later.
- Update the game.
- Delete and re-install the game.
- Log out from the Ubisoft account, and log back in.
- Update the iOS.
- Change the phone.

None of those worked. This "bug" has been happening back in iOS 10.X.X and still happens in the current version 11.4.1.

I have the 6.11 version of Trials Frontier now, and it has been happening in previous versions too.

Currently I am using iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 11.4.1. (not Jailbroken).

So yeah, I definitely need some help here, before I get tired of this and give up on the game.