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    Would love a New Game+

    The DLC was fun but i wish we got more long term replayability from this game

    i held off on this topic because i had a feeling that we were going to get New Game+ as an update for the final DLC

    i don't expect changes to be made now but i figure it can't hurt to ask and i'm sure others here feel the same.
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    Same. Some form of New Game Plus would be awesome for this game and it wouldn't even take much for them to explain in game since the new kid can fracture time.
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    New Game Plus would be a good feature for the next game...

    I do like that all the DLCs give you allies, classes, recipes, items, costumes, and upgrades that carry over into every save. Which means if you beat the DLC, and then start a new play-through, you get all of that stuff from the beginning...
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    Completely Agree!

    In fact, if Ubisoft does make a third South Park console game, and if what Professor Chaos's cutscene at the end refers to, here's a perfect title for the next installment in the South Park game franchise: "South Park: May the Farts be With You..."
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