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    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    At the end of summer vacation, Keylor Navas returned to Real Madrid in Miami and was extremely confident in the success of the "White Vulture" in the 2018/19 season.

    Since moving to Real Madrid in 2014 for just € 10 million, Keylor Navas has always been the number one pick in the frame of the Spanish Royal team. In four seasons at the Bernabeu, the 32-year-old made 94 appearances and was an important element in the Champions League hat-trick.

    But ironically, despite the talent Navas has never been Real Real Madrid. The Costa Rican is a temporary firefight for the team after they failed five times to recruit David De Gea from United.

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    Navas is still considered the solution of the situation Real Madrid. Photo: Getty Images
    The next season, when things seemed peaceful after De Gea's lousy performance at the World Cup, another wave surfaced. The Bernabeu owners are turning to another target in the Premier League. This time is the World Cup Gloves, Thibaut Courtois.

    Unlike De Gea, Courtois has only one year left to play for Chelsea and the Belgian goalkeeper is desperate to move to Real Madrid. Therefore, the success rate of this deal is very large.

    Facing the prospect of being marginalized next season, the 32-year-old remains confident of his competitive edge at Real Madrid.

    "I talked to the coach," Navas shared on La Nacion. "Everything is fine, very good, nothing to worry about."

    "Why do you have to stop enjoying the moment here?" "I'm fine and happy in Madrid, so thank you for giving me the chance to play in such a great team," Navas confidently said. .

    According to Navas, he has a two-year contract with the Spanish Royal team and nothing to worry about his future. The only thing that the Costa Rican goalkeeper is focusing on at the moment is the effort to practice and to improve themselves on a daily basis.

    "The next season, my ambition is unchanged because I am an aggressive player, I will try my best and show everyone that I am worth a place in Madrid." The 32-year-old showed determination.
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