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    New game addition ideas

    With countless hours in the game, and having played since the early alpha stages, it is so great to see how far STEEP has progressed. That said, I believe there are many opportunities that still need to be explored. Here are some ideas of mine, feel free to add yours to this list!

    1) Climbing - As of now, STEEP has focused mainly on high adrenaline and speed, but I personally enjoy getting a break sometimes and slow down. Walking around in a very low pace can be very rewarding in its own way, but I feel like the hike mode is quite limited and visionless in its concept. Honestly, when do we really use it - except for when we need to hike a few meters to the perfect drop location. I think that a "climb" mode could really elevate this slow paced part of the game, without losing the rush factor. Imagine hanging on a +100 meter sheer cliff side, with just a pair of ice axes keeping you from falling to your death. It would also make hiking in general more featureful and open up some new exploration possibilities.

    2) Rappel - In a very similar fashion to climbing, this aspect would focus on clearing parts of a face that you can't cross on skis/board. It is a very widely used way of descending couloirs and technical summits, especially in the Alps. I think this could give more flow to the game, as you don't have to completely abandon your line just because you suddenly face a large cliffside. Just put your skis/board on the back, whip out the rope and ice axes, and start descending the rocks.

    3) Snowballs - I think we need more social features in STEEP, that lets us interact more with our fellow riders and daredevils. Throwing a snowball is one of the most natural ways to - in a kind way - annoy someone you want to interact with And it is something that multiple people can participate in, there can even be tournaments on snowball arenas! Fun fact, Norway are the world champions in Snowball fighting! It would be great to see more social interaction integrated into the game.

    4) Taunts/voice lines - Another way of interacting, is to add some kind of generalized taunts and voice lines, that lets you communicate with people in your vicinity. Honestly I just want to be able to shout "Baguette / Croissant / Tartiflette" at other players..

    5) Rock slide / avalanche - So far, every risk you take in the game, is a direct result of your skills. I often miss the natural aspect of the game fighting back. Being a lifelong freeride skier, I know that the greatest dangers on the mountain is the mountain itself, and this part of winter activities could be seen more in the game as well. I know that avalanches in particular is a rough area for STEEP, considering the horrible events that occurred during the game's early development. For that, I want to pay my respect, and fully understand if this is a topic you refuse to go into.
    That being said, I still feel that nature itself could have more of a presence in the game. Standing on a high summit, what most skiers/boarders are familiar with, is the intensity of wind that often occurs. Having hurricane-like wind experiences in the game would be a great way to feel more merged into the world itself. Likewise, heavy snowfalls and snow storms could be integrated with great effect, imagine trying to find your way down the mountain when snow is blowing hard in your face and you can barely see 10 meters in front of you. These kind of weather and terrain effects could really change how one as player experiences the mountain.

    Alright that was it for now, I might add more later. Feel free to give your ideas to this list too!
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    Those are good ideas. Mind would be (to add):

    -Revamped experience focused on user/friendly, smooth turning. IRL, people don’t ski straight down mountains.

    -Remove the grey-out thing with intense landings. On console there is no way to really control precisely the landings that let you tack up extreme points.

    -have better mountains. Have real mountains whatever you do, have vertical cliffs (not just the kind you jump over$.

    -If not intentional, remove the awkward small undulations near a cliff top that make challenges (or even just free-skiing) impossible bc you can’t get a smooth takeoff or even crash before takeoff and get jettisoned off a cliff).

    -Add a raving circuit with some real locations like Solden, Alta Badia, Adelboden.

    -Add terrain editor so players can make and share their own mountains to ski on.

    -Have a skill rating system (based on actual stats) and have competition divisions so regular people can compete against other regular people. I’m sorry but the DH rave records are IMPOSSIBLE to get (along with every challenge).

    -add challenge by PC or console since PC users have more control of playing character.
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    I totally agree with these suggestions. As a general mountaineer in real-life I love all the sports we can do but recognise there's a serious gap where getting up the mountain is concerned. I'd love a climbing option (with and without ice-axes and crampons) or even split-boarding! Being able to camp out would be a nice touch too.

    Also - as a sequel or update to the current game, perhaps we could have real-weather impact such as beginning/end of season levels of snow or even going the full distance and bringing in Spring and Summer which then brings with it the option of Spring/Summer sports such as mountain biking, bouldering and river sports e.g. kayaking/rafting etc.

    Finally - I love the touch of exploring around to discover drop-points but this could also be extended to include tracking wildlife etc. It's something that has been included in the likes of Red Dead etc so why not here?

    Oh - and YES to snowball fights. They did it with Shaun White's snowboarding on the 360 so I'm assuming it could be included in this...
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    4) Taunts/voice lines
    They already exist, though Ubisoft recently questionably decided to remove a lot of the taunts for being too "negative". I wouldn't be opposed to reworking the system to be able to be able to buy and equip specific emotes instead though!
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