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    Leg 2 Not Available

    Leg 2 of Minneapolis X - trials frontier is inaccessible. According to event dates it should have rolled to Leg 2 seamlessly from Leg 1. What's up?
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    Same problem here I’ve been tweeting and leaving messages but no support, played leg one and was top 1%, can’t get into leg two but ranking is now down to 3% an we have less than two days to win the leg two prizes. The message in game says there will be an in game message saying take server save but no message has appeared yet sadly I’ve been checking every couple of hours.
    Tried to message a moderator but again no reply,

    Love the game but getting very frustrated by the lack of service and respect shown to players... beginning to feel I’ve wasted time and money getting this far
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    Same issue but with leg 3

    Leg 2 ended and leg 3 will not load
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