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    right so heres a list of key features from the ubisoft main page of from dust.

    Key Features

    - Ground-Breaking Technology
    Play in the sandbox of one of the most advanced real-time nature simulations, where everything you see and interact with evolves dynamically, offering a constantly renewed experience.

    - Unique Art Direction
    Discover a large variety of environments: Tropical islands, volcanic landscapes, deserts and so much more…

    - Rich Story Mode
    Explore 13 breathtaking territories of emergent gameplay. Master the natural forces at play on a mysterious archipelago and help a primitive tribe to recover the lost powers of their ancestors.

    - Confront Mighty Nature
    Protect your tribe against Nature’s most devastating attacks. Face down tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes, volcanoes, torrential rains…

    - Master Godlike Powers
    Control the forces of nature to sculpt the world in your image.
    Hold back lava, stop raging waters, empty lakes, grow forests and raise mountains!

    - Live Up to the Challenge
    Race against the clock on 30 additional maps in Challenge Mode. Each scenario is a puzzle-like challenge where time is of the essence...

    - Online leaderboards
    Compare your Challenge Mode scores with the community on worldwide leaderboards.

    so lets take this methodically

    Ground-Breaking Technology: im going to give them that on the basis of the physics engine unless someone else wants to disprove that. however i would like to see them crack porting games to PC. that would be groundbreaking.

    Unique Art Direction: well it describes 3 types of landscape up there and to my knowledge there are 3 types of landscape in game......yeah. well4 if you count ocean but what can you do with ocean.

    Rich Story Mode: this is down to personal opinion but to me its simplistic and fairly liniar. typical of a puzzle game.

    Confront Mighty Nature: i dont remeber earthquakes. and the rest were fairly easy to protect yourself from.

    Master Godlike Powers: when was the last time you held back lava. you cant. you can build a wall that last all of 1 minuet. and you dont get what i w ould call a forest.

    Live Up to the Challenge: well it is a puzzle game after all.

    Online leaderboards: currently lying in a quantum box in the ubi production offices along with shrodinger's cat a small memo and several tons of fertilizer.

    DRM: not included on that list but shall be here for reasons already stated.
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    I think the eartquakes were either that moving earth level or they were scrapped from the game due to time issues (???).

    Hopefully, when they games bugs are patched, they add additional features such as earthquakes and maybe other things
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    Given the price of the game, Not having Earthquakes is not a hugh issue.

    I hope it's patched too.

    For me From Dut is a great game even if it doesn't have Earthquakes
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