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    Originally Posted by MaseThing Go to original post
    Terrible choice of bike, very underpowered and too easy to crash with. So why bother doing tricks or trying most courses?
    Track selection is even worse. Easy to tell this was designed to force people into buying gems.
    The punishment ticks of negative 3 point every 0.5 seconds kills all achievement done in any track.
    QA needs to be slapped around for how badly this event has been tuned.
    This event is very manageable without gems. It seems much more balanced than any recent events. I'm guessing you don't have many upgrades for your Tango?

    The last bunker event with fan points was incredibly frustrating. When the announcement for this event was made I cringed...but it seems that the new fan point system is actually pretty good. The per-leg requirements aren't ridiculously hard, which means I don't have to spend huge amounts of time trying to complete it. So far (bugs aside) I'm impressed. The superman thing is a little

    Don't forget to talk to the guy in the saloon to unlock his little mini-events. These will definitely help you on your way!
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    Yeah, per-leg requirements are very doable; especially because they let you use your tickets on your best/favorite track over and over again to get good points. Only other desirable thing is to make sure you are in the top 5% for event for the track reward there (also doable for frequent players)
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    The event wheel keeps giving Stallion and Donkey blueprints I dont need; I have all bikes already! Can I get more ticket chances instead please? Or maybe pieces of track maps I didnt get in past events!

    The fan-point goals are awfully easy to meet in this pass; lets see if they increase the amount needed in each future round.
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    Same as above, I'm getting stallion and donkey blueprints when I have them already, likewise map bits would be better, or agent blueprints
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    I haven't unlock berserker yet, so will I have spirits paintjob, when I get this bike? I want to collect new paintjobs, but I don't see the point to unlock some bike, when I don't have enough coins to upgrade bikes that I already have. (sorry if my english is bad)
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    Blueprint Pieces of Bikes I have: Off By 1 Error

    So the first day this came out, I had a loot wheel spin with a Donkey blueprint in it. Shocking since I already have the donkey. Didn't get it and thought it was a one time thing so I brushed it off.

    Today the donkey bp piece showed up again and I got it. Behold, the blueprint screen comes up and the piece fills in the LAST piece I needed to "unlock" the donkey.

    Come on Ubisoft, as a software engineer at a reputable company, I know that heads will roll for letting an off by one error go live.

    Whatever new code you wrote that puts blueprint pieces in the lootwheel for Xgame tracks, its trying to count how many blueprint pieces I have of various bikes, putting a piece in the wheel if it detects that I have less than the total for unlocking. This code is off by 1, thinking I have one less donkey blueprint piece than I actually have.

    For the 1 bogus blueprint I got I'll take 1 Agent Blueprint piece.
    For doing your code debug for you, I'll take 3 more blueprint pieces. Again Agent Blue Print is fine.

    To all my people getting the same issue, pay close attention and do please confirm that when you get a blueprint piece of a bike you have, it completes the blueprint. If that is consistently the result then I am right.

    TLDR: If you are seeing blueprints in the lootwheel for bikes you already have, pay close attention when you get it and see if it is the last piece you needed. Because if that is the case, I know what the issue is.
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    Quick update, just got a donkey part again and once again the game thinks its the last piece I need to unlock the donkey.

    You're loot wheel code is off by 1. It thinks the full donkey blueprint is one short.

    2 Pieces owed for bogus donkey pieces
    3 for debugging your code for you.

    5 blueprint pieces for the Agent pls.
    On second thought make it 5 pieces for the BMW F 800 GS. I actually do only have one blueprint piece of that one.
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    Blue Print Tally for Off by 1 Error

    Just got my third last donkey piece even though I have the Donkey.

    3 Pieces to replace the ones I am owed.
    3 for doing your work for you.

    6 Pieces of the BWM Bike. I look forward to claiming my price.
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    Enjoying this event so far, although I'm also getting Donkey blueprints when I've had the bike for a few years already...

    Question: Do the Fan Points Earned reset to 0 at the beginning of a new Leg, or do they go towards the next Leg's rewards too?
    i.e. is there any point in racking up Fan Points once you've earned all the rewards of the current leg? (Besides getting enough to be in the top 5% on leaderboard)
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    I'd love to know the answer to this as well. I am hoping it does NOT reset but also I think the interface would specify leg points and total somewhere if it was going to reset.
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