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    Hours of Darkness Map Jam Winners

    Congratulations to the Hours of Darkness Outpost Map Jam winners! There are multiple winners in each of the following categories:

    Best Graphics:

    Best Narrative:

    Best Level Design

    Player Choice

    Thanks so much for everyone who took part! Check out all of these incredible community maps and past winners here:
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    Congratulations to the winners. Enjoyed playing a good amount of them.
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    Congrats to the winners I would also like to point out a few maps that I enjoyed from the map jam (have not played all of them yet and several of those which won I still have not played.

    MJ5 - MIA
    by Truesurv1val (PS4)
    This is a really tough map I still have not beaten it yet, need to play it some more - has a really nice start to it, gives that feeling of isolation with thick vegetation - at the start it is so easy to walk right into an enemy without seeing them, also has some underground tunnels.

    MJ5 - Ghost Village by Gutz_Berserker (PS4)
    Very beautiful start to the map, nice visual - you then make your way to the village where there are options to go inside or you can try and take them out from distance, worth checking out.

    MJ5 - Hill 931 by MAYANNENAZE (PC)
    This is a really stunning looking map visually, beautiful natural visuals I loved it, not the hardest map but a nice test, really impressed me this one but wish it went on a little bit longer.

    MJ5 - Operation Delta by TheSlimReeper (PC)
    Another map that has a nice start to it, different time of day than most of the others I played, has some nice custom work that you can so easily take for granted - The map does not have many enemies but it can still give you a test with the design / way it plays, enjoyable map.

    MJ5 - Forgotten by SNUFFLES10155 (PC)
    This is actually a very clever map that can so easily played in a different style, the truck at the start you can go in it (hide in the back) and an enemy will then drive it into the main camp I thought that was very clever (you can even open / close the doors to see where you are and jump out anywhere along the route)

    You can use the zipline or wingsuit from the start or go on foot there is also a boat and vehicle to drive if you want.
    Another cool thing is the POW's that you can rescue then they help you in the fight, also most if not all buildings have a way out through the floor and there are some tunnels that link up nicely - I would say this requires more time than most of the maps to fully appreciate the options the player has when the map starts.

    There are still maps I have not played above are just some of the ones I liked a lot which were not mentioned above.
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    I'm over the moon that my map has been chosen in the "Best Level Design" category and I cannot thank the devs enough. I think that they have done a fantastic job supporting the map editor and it's competitions like this that really bring the community together. Well done to everyone who took part in this map jam.
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    Actually wasn't expecting to win. Totally a surprise when I got the email. I hope you guys have fun and enjoy Da Nang . Was really enjoyable to make. Thank you all for playing, and thank you again to the Far Cry 5 team for choosing my map as one of the winners. Big congratulations to all the winners as well.
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    Thanks Ubi
    I had a lot of fun this map jam and it produced a lot of quality maps.
    I look forward to the next one.
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    Congrats to the winners and all the great new maps!
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