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    Most recent savefiles replaced by older ones?

    So, I played a little when I first downloaded the game. But I remember that I had already found most of the tribe and unlocked lots of skills, including being able to tame Sabertooth Tigers. But I had to backup my game and savefiles when I formated my computer. And now, when I start the game, I only have one savefile, only a little more than two hours played, almost no tribe members or abilities unlocked.

    When I go to the savefiles, there are 4: "", "", "" and "". But there is always only one autosave with 5% progress when I try to load the game. That should be an older file. Anyone here had a similar problem? How do I solve this?
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    This is probably related to Uplay cloud sync. It'll backup/save (and restore) your savegames from the cloud. If you want to play an 'offline' savegame you backed up previously, you may need to disable the Cloud Sync from the Uplay app.
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