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    Wezzy, I saw your name on the winners list this morning.

    Congratulations I look forward to playing it on feature soon.
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    While wezzy gets his face out of his *** i can give you a tip.
    Join suggested maps and if you're lucky and no one joins before the round ends, youll be chosen.
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    Originally Posted by AKAFootloose Go to original post
    The MOST important thing you can do to get people to play your map is the screenshot pic. Try to capture the most interesting part of your map.
    Footloose is correct! As an avid arcade player, the biggest motivator to play a map is the screenshot. Unfortunately, I probably missed some good maps. Now, I'll favorite and play all of the maps with the best screenshots, and then I'll play other maps if I get the time. If the screenshot is clear, interesting, or unique, it will attract more players. For me it always does.
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    Host, then pick it from time to time.
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