I am KillDMZ, I have created and published a few maps for FAR CRY 3 & 4. I have been looking and can't seem to find a way to give a brief summary of custom maps that I have created. It would be nice to be able to put a brief description for your maps. I also would like to know how the rating system works. My one map "Raceway" has 4 1/4 stars, while my latest map "Battlegrounds" has 5 stars. I am eager to learn how you feel about "The River". You have to be stealthy when you play. Some of the maps are set up where you will be invincible. If you really want a challenge, load it in the map editor and change this. But beware. There are times when I am suddenly aware of the AI because they say something when they are REALLY CLOSE! Play THE RIVER and you'll see what I'm talking about. A brief description of this map below.

Size: Large

Description: The enemy is spread throughout the map, which has a large river winding through it that separates the land into four islands. Bridges connect the islands. There are gun turret and sniper placements throughout with plenty of cover (My islands have plenty of natural cover in the form of trees, rocks, and structures. There are plenty of weapons and ammunitions throughout the map, but you have to find them!

Load it up. Try it out. Let me know what you think.

I am KillDMZ. Happy hunting....