Welcome to the Uplay PC Monthly Digest, providing a roundup of all the latest Ubisoft news on PC!

As usual, E3 was full of excitement! We showcased a lot of wonderful games. Here are some of the PC-oriented titles you can be interested in:

Anno 1800

Coming from Blue Byte, the latest entry in this builder series is the first to be set in the past, challenging the player to go through the industrial revolution. At the PC Gaming Show, the community was invited to vote and design some elements of the game in an initiative called Anno Union.

Space Junkies

Want to wear a jetpack and shoot at things at insane speed in space? That’s what the Montpellier Studio offers you in this insane VR experience, fit for the Oculus Rift and Vive. Showcased during E3, this arena shooter entered its closed beta on June 28th. To ensure the best quality release, the team decided to postpone the launch until the end of the year.


Also showcased during E3 was Transference, a first-person exploration game developed in VR. Working with SpectreVision, a film production company cofounded by Elijah Wood, the game blends live-action footage and environmental storytelling to plunge the player in an unsettling atmosphere to solve a mystery and escape a corrupted mind. Debuting in fall this year, the game will also be able to play for those without VR.

After an exciting open beta, The Crew 2 launched all over the world on June 29th. Players can now explore the cities, roads, rivers, and skies of an open-world America! Through the new photo feature you can also have fun sharing you best moments and screenshots on social media.

The Rainbow 6 Pro League has seen some major changes. Since the beginning of the 8th season on June 18th, each year is now divided into two six-month seasons, with a “Major” in-between. This should help encourage up and coming Rainbow 6 teams, and make it easier for the viewers. Others changes were made to how the games themselves are played and the LAN difference. You can find all the information here.

Those modifications happened after Ubisoft announced that the game numbers have surpassed 35 millions players. To celebrate its users, an esport documentary called “Another Mindset” will be released during the Six Major Paris in August. The film takes a look behind the scenes of the pro league by exploring the lives and stories of well-known Rainbow Siege players.