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    Dear Benny, Yennis and whoever was in charge of Two Thrones, please don't feel be offended, more like encouraged for the future:

    You know guys, the old saga is over,finito,a new one arrises,probably to surpass even the old saga who made games(*cough* God of War*cough*) what are today, but yet there is something missing:

    A Shrine

    And not just some shrine.
    You see, I am one of the few fans(or not), who are really REALLY ****ed of Two Thrones.

    Yes, the game was fun,yes, the Dialogs between Prince and Dark Prince were really hilarious and yes, controlling the DP was PWNING!

    BUT: What ****ed me off was first the really short playtime(the hell? YOu run through Babylon and you managed to get over this game by just 4 hours?!?Even Azad was 10 times smaller.). SO much expections,and yet so short...there aren't even any Special Editions for longer missions or some more fun to add, like CAPCOM did with Devil May Cry 3.
    Secondly the really obvious whole redesign from Kindred Blades to the which we know as Two Thrones now.

    I like to quote some less proper critics towards the redesign:
    OMG THIS ROCKS the grafics loook even better!! and the prince has armor in the game he looks better with his armor and the speed kill HOLY **** **** the sands of time fans if only they made kindred blades!!!!!! i they made kindred blades they would have made more money it would have bin like warrior within just better!! kindred blades rox!
    and i just got the two thrones 3 weeks ago! its a awesome game but if it was kindred blades it would have bin the best game i have!
    And to think that if the SoT fanboys didn't whine we'd have this.... **** them
    Though their way of speaking I agree of them on both points.
    First the graphics, environment,hell even the first enemies looks were definetly better than the current version.
    And yes, I can remember that many SoT-fanboys/girls were *****ing everywhere about how this one sucks because ohhhhhh, it doesn't look like 1001 night,wehweh.
    And so instead of creating a ''Twilight''-version of Prince of Persia by mixing both franchises and not tearing them apart how it looked like in the first screens and trailers...well, the Dark Prince looks like a cheap spin-off from Dragon Ball Z and added changed really complex tragedy into an obvious predictable redemption-story, and thus Two Thrones was born!

    No matter how much loss of quality in graphic caused this sudden redesign which looks more like an insult to the 2 former games,no matter how much improvement could've been made if they strechted the working time over 1 year to maybe 2 or 3, and no matter how frustrating this simple finale is and never gets it'S breakthrough like DMC or God of War, it's over now and nothing can be changed...unless of course, we can finaly get the Jade-mod to make a Princed-version to the SoT-franchise and improove the ****.

    On my side, I will do a little tribute so the lost waste of brilliancy which is called <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Kindred Blades</span> and post everything what is left so it will get some recognition and the developers will learn from their mistakes:
    Take time on your games and never listen to your fans.(If you happen to be a Kim Possible fan and watched Season 4,you will get what I mean.)
    You can also post your thoughts, opinions and speculations regarding the former game or just say already: ''You are a ****ing ******''

    Farwell, KB, and remember, taht someday a fanboy who doesn't have a life,will somehow bring you to live!

    ->Preview too PoP 3

    -> All Screenshots too KB

    -> Original E3 Trailer

    ->Second Trailer in best Quality

    -> First PoP3 Interview with Yennis Mallat

    -> First official gameplays(dammit I love the music ;_

    -> First part of Kindred Blades

    -> Dark Prince better quality

    -> 5 Min. long E3 Stagedemo-Presentation(NOTE: One Speed Kill of the Dark Prince had been cut out. At the scene the DP uses a pole as a connector to the chain and makes a 360? run to rip off the guards 8D !)

    -> Gamespot's Demo-Presentation (video doesn't somehow work)
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    Uhhh.. isn't this a little late? Like, 3 years too late? And who are you even quoting?

    And trailers are just trailers. I was a little ticked that awesome trailer where Prince/DP stumbles across Farah on the floor and she wakes up and shoots him in the face didn't make it into the game, but I think 3 years is plenty of time to move on.
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    tristan is so weird... btw, how did you bypass the censor on your last pole option?
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    I also like the KB.

    Not because of the WW aspects, but the overal concept. No annoying flashes during speedkills, more and more precise animations, better graphics, more options, better storyline concept, better-looking Dark Prince, more attention to detail and I guess that also the @freedom@ they were talking about could've been there if they didn't suddenly redesign whole game.

    I still miss the smaller and more useful version of the daggetail, the animation when the Prince dropped on one enemy doing 360 spin around hi slicing his neck ant taking down the other enemy with his legs on the way and fire as a trigger for the DP to transform.

    T2T was a great game. Kindred Blades would have been better.

    Oh, but this topic is indeed a bit late.
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    Just some food for thought:

    Even though this topic may be 3 years late, that doesn't mean there isn't anything we can do about it. We can! Eventhough it is a longshot, would if to commemorate say The Movie, ubisoft decided to release a game called "Prince Of Persia: The Ending That Could Never Be" Don't forget; Disney might re-release thier own version of SOT. Ubi could also find a unique way of including the game in the already existing storyline. Would if the sandvision the prince has at the beginning of T2T or end of WW, would if somehow that vision uses the origional KB storyline?

    So to make things short and less confusing: Ubi could use that moment when the prince has the haunting vision of the future on the boat to retell the KB storyline. That way when the prince "snaps out of it" he won't have any time to react, because the boat will already be under siege, that can be the point that T2T takes over. Don't forget, there was never a real explenation as to why the prince disscarded the amulet into the water: would if; durring the "KB" vision the prince sees that by keeping the amulet along with the dagger; he finds out the outcome being more tragic. So using the memory of that vision could altogether be the reasion he chooses to become the "good prince"

    But hey as I said: Food for thought
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    Actually I still lie to myself saying the true POP 3 was never made . I didn't like POP T2T much so I sometimes watch this E3 Trailer, which is better than the entire POP T2T in my opinion.
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    Originally posted by fahRENheit2006:
    Uhhh.. isn't this a little late? Like, 3 years too late? And who are you even quoting?

    Well, better late than nothing,righ?^^
    I wasn't here the whole time, work to do, so I never thought of that...

    I quoted those from youtube, who commented the official gameplays:

    Somehow, I can't remember and I don't care
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    All I can say is Welcome back to Tristan as there is nothing useful to say relevant to this Topic I believe
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    Let me ask you something, Kindred blades is the name of the version where the prince was the one captured and Kaileena jumped off the cliff??
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    This was the best Post I saw a long time ago, I think the timing to speak of this is perfect. We need to bring back the horrific errors that UbiMont comited with the SOTT and hope that they don't comit something worse in the next ones.

    Nice post Tristan_129.

    Yes, it's that version.
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