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    I have the same Problem... I buy the game and try to install in two PCs, but I have the same result.. I cant run the game... the error say:

    Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application (I try the both CDs)

    After that another error:

    The application cant ini correctly (0x0000142) Acept to terminate the application


    I try to run under :

    windows 7 ultimate 64x, ati xpress, 4 GB Ram, 2.0 Dual Atlon Processor 64x


    Windows XP Pro. Nvidia Quatro 64 MB, 2GB Ram, Pentium 4 HT

    the same problem in both computers.

    by the way, the link to extract my dxdiag doesnt work

    Im to disapointed, I know windows 7 have problems with the most older games, but I dont know WHY I have problems in XP!!!!!!!!????

    Thx for any help =.=

    The Game is Pacific Fighters
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    Well, Pacific Fighters is an older version of this game and hardly anyone uses it anymore. You want to get il2: 1946, it has all the content from all previous version plus some all in the same game.

    As for this issue I think this may help. Download the rts.dll file at the link and place it into your game folder (be sure to overwrite the version that is already there).
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    Thx for ur replay.

    But I already try that file, and nothing T_T..

    I dont know what happend... well looks like I have a new ornament for my Desktop
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    Perhaps something here will help.

    Simple enough solution though, go buy Il2:1946, it can be had for $10 or less and contains probably 3 times as much stuff as PF.
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