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what is a good size for the battlesize?


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  • 8x10 80 hexes(that is what they plan now)

    2 3.70%
  • 12x12 144 hexes

    10 18.52%
  • 15x11 165 hexes (heroes III)

    21 38.89%
  • 15x15 225 hexes

    10 18.52%
  • 20x20 400 hexes

    11 20.37%

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    15x11... but even 10 12 or 12 12 is a lot better than 8 10... far to small, especially if there are many of those 2x2 creatures...
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    I'd go for 14x14. As it wasn't available, I went for the closest: 15x15.
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    15x11 would be just fine
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    Reminds me of the battlefields in Homm 1.. Nostalgic, yes, but low on tactics.

    I went for 15x15
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    ill go for 20x20. bigger is better and more fun for strategic games i think?!?!?!?!?
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    I think 15x11 will do just fine,but bigger ain't so bad either.
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    I would like something like 12x15. They will onlz have to increase both sides by 1.5, therefore they could keep the ratio

    But, I do not see "real" any evidence that 8x10 cannot be good. If done right, it can be very good
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    I still think that the magazine missunderstood something there.
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