IF people are still paying a nice chunk of cash for this game, dont you think you could atleast update the game to use new updated drivers to fix the dam glitches? AS supportive gamers dont we deserve this? Really, if UBISOFT continues to sell old games and refuse to keep them playable why would I ever be interested in the new games UBI has to offer knowing that bug patches might never come?

IF UBISOFT allotted 1 developer to do some sort of graphics updating ( for the latest drivers), maybe even some bug fixes/balancing, word would get around that a game might be worth trying again and worth buying.

After looking at the files myself, it should be all too easy, But then again, I doubt there are any game devs that can actually do the job anymore.

On a side note: The way this game is set up, it would easy as hell to add a **** ton o content, but without a decent mod tool, adding stuff by hand could take more than a couple days. (yes I said days)