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    Ubi Club Discount Code NOT WORKING

    Hello, I meant to pre-order the Gold Edition of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I used 100 of my Ubi Club units in order to acquire a 20% discount code on the order. I applied the code and was about the pay (the last screen showed the discount as being applied), but when I hit on the "order" button, something went wrong and the order could not be finalized. Now, the code I have acquired isn't working anymore ("the code cannot currently be applied to your cart), even if I didn't use it as the order didn't come through. This is a terrible shame for you guys at Ubisoft, I have no intention to lose my discount (WHICH I DIDN'T USE) only because something went wrong with your website. This is a terrible rip-off and you should be ashamed, that's very unprofessional and I'm terribly disappointed.
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    Please contact the support team who should be able to help you: https://support.ubi.com
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