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    So this thread is to get all users to post connection problems.

    Il start it off.
    05 desember 2011 - Anno 2070 connection problem
    06 desember 2011 - Anno 2070 connection problem

    keep the thread rolling with the format above.
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    December 06 2011 - R.U.S.E. connection problem
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    December 06 2011 - Cant play ANNO 2070
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    December 06 2011- Can't get activation code for Uboat missions SH IV-can't play SH IV.
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    Today Uplay was down due to maintenance.
    I can login into uplay now, but anno 2070 still won't connect to the game and so I am forced to play on offline mode =\
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    Ix Johnnien xI's Avatar Senior Member
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    Tried playing FC2 earlier today, but was unable to connect online to the ubisoft server. Got the same error: "Error sending data to ubisoft server" on both the PS3 and 360 versions. Came to the forums a couple of hours ago, but I was prevented from logging in with message saying there was maintenance underway. Does any of this have to do with the downtime maintenance we're expecting in the begining of january?
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    Dec 13: Heroes 6. can't connect to conflux
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    Dec 15 2011 - Cannot connect to Anno 2070.
    This is ****ed, just spent $90 on the deluxe edition, 4 1/2 hours downloading and cant even ****ing play.
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    Dec 15, 2011 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3).

    Either gives a message about being unable to connect to the servers or it displays the UPlay Splash screen (see image at top of this page) and sits there forever. Since I can't get back to the game or do anything I have to quit the game and go back in.
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    december 22 ... just spend 50 euro on anno 2070 , but i cant play it ... wtf is this .. u should rename uplay to upay !
    edit: connection to the server is lost
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