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    Please Ubisoft consider Race mode.

    Race mode could be journey mode with 6-12 players in a suggested map quickplay with map pick options. Solo journey is fun but it would be amazing with other people. Journey being solo is really killing online community just think how much fun people have with gta5 races. Race on feet through parkour maps or with cars or with airplanes or helicopters through caves and underwater or on boats with weapons that you use against enemies a few or animals to make the maps feel alive.
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    Yes race mode will be intersting, that makse possible to make fun offroad maps!
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    Race mode would be sick. Just need a spawn in vehicle with countdown option. And checkpoints you can revert back to by pressing on the dpad or something. Just need an extraction zone. Also need to add back in geyzer assets for wingsuit.1v1 or 6 player race would be just fine and very fun.
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    Only 8 vehicles though we need 12 in a map.
    I would love to see race mode with options.

    Allow the player to use a control zone style extraction point so you can set how big it is and also set how many players must enter it to win (for TDM mode)
    Also allow like Domination so players have to race to check points and the map ends after capturing a set number.

    Race mode could be excellent but I would prefer Domination / CTF modes also.
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