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    Originally Posted by howesy1503 Go to original post
    Thanks for the info Mr Shadwell but I was after the GMT time for the in UK time, do you know? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
    UTC is GMT, and currently the UK is GMT+1 i.e. BST
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    Can we please have an option to turn cultist spawns even after the game ends? Itís super boring taking out outposts over and over again.
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    Dock south of Nolan fly shop is undiscoverable.FIX
    The slider for shadow quality is still reversed.FIX
    The new gun M9 looks great,but once you put that giant silencer the silencer is longer than actual gun,maybe make the model for this handgun bigger,as it looks wa too unrealistic.TWEAK
    There are still som flying objects after destruction...
    My favorite- I have finnished the game and I still own some keys(like US auto washroom key,and 3 others).I have succesfully use them all,but they are still in my inventory,along with baseball cards.
    "new item" is still flashing when checking the map/challenges.. always because of blat cap.....
    My advise-change the crafting of dynamite,as its stupid and unrealistic. Change it with pipe bomb. I can craft dynamite but I have to buy pipe bomb??????Silly
    Sniper rifles have long bullet volicity and dropoff,even for 50cal!
    Make 308 rifle more like it was in FC3 or FC4,,,now its like pipe rifle
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    The SVD silencer sound bug still persists....
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    Still no NG+
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-CJ Go to original post
    Itís possible I missed it cos Iím reading these notes on my phone, but Iím disappointed the driving tweaks in HoD DLC (especially the removal of exploding shrubbery) werenít ported over to the main game in the update. I may be imagining the driving tweaks, but the handling of the trucks in the DLC feel so much better, but the removal of exploding bushes should definitely have been carried over to main game.
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    Originally Posted by KrK87 Go to original post
    So there will never be changes to the resistance meter?
    I'm gonna have to 2nd this query. It seems like a lot of glitches are getting fixed but not bigger gameplay overhauls.
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    Compensation for DLC **** up

    Just putting it out there...
    I'm now in the process of doing the TU7 so I don't know if ubisoft have actually added anything to compensate the affected players but surely we should expect something? Seeing as it was their **** up that ruined most peoples games for the last 3 weeks or so I think it's the least we deserve. Does anyone from Ubisoft on here actually care to comment?
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    Looks like there are more ocean colours after the update.
    Can't find mention of this in the update notes.
    It's a bit tricky because if there's an ocean in your map and you changed the colour, it will jump back to default after the update.

    The water of the lakes and ocean seems much clearer than before.
    We tested it with NPC's and they now have more visibility.
    before they couldn't see you when you were in the water and now they can.
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    Originally Posted by deussd Go to original post
    The SVD silencer sound bug still persists....
    Could you provide me with some more details on the SVD silencer issue that you're experiencing?
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