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    Loving this game in coop

    Really glad they allowed the entire story in coop

    really a bummer that my coop partner gets zero progression, bad dev call there

    really love the game world and stories

    favorite far cry by far
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    How does the bliss missions(the one's where you are captured) work in co-op?
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    Co-op is the best actually. Not a real problem for partner progression to be honest, friend and I start out on his or my game, then when finished well switch. We've been doing it for so long now, that allowing each other the "final kill" as it were, is just a courtesy and at no time are either of our games spoiled. Partner comes in with you on final missions and helps Man-in-the-Hat. I think he can do the final kill, but only the host gets the credit. Again, in my case my partner allows me to do the mission and may help out, but the final kill is always handed to the host.

    That said, the fun having a partner where you can mess with each other or find different ways to approach the game is just too much fun to be honest. We spent the entire first run on his game and one or the other of us would shoot a bees nest on the other partner unexpectedly. We'd roll laughing so hard doing that. Or ... he'd be perched on a hill somewhere, and I'd throw a piece of bait by him and cause an animal to come up on him while he was scoping in on something.
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    Originally Posted by Man_in_the_Hat Go to original post
    How does the bliss missions(the one's where you are captured) work in co-op?
    Both players are captured.
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    Co-op is so much fun in FC5, but the fact that there's no random matchmaking is insane! I can't imagine why the devs chose to not implement this in the campaign or arcade, because it adds a lot of replayability to the game, but you have to waste so much time just trying to find a partner. WTF Ubisoft?!
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