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    Help me it says account creation unavailable

    Hello, I recently purchased the game UNO because i saw my friends and other youtubers play it and it looked pretty fun, im an UNO lover btw. And i went to play it in steam when i bought it (10 dollars) so it brought me to the page to login into uPlay, and i didnt have an account so i then made one. And it then said "Acc Creation Unavailable. Please Try Again" so i tried again and again then waited to the next day. Did the same thing and it happened again. I got pretty mad so i was going to get a refund. and apparently u have to have 2h below playtime to get a refund. I had the launcher on overnight and it counted towards playtime. Can't refund it nor play it *been like 4 days* really dont wanna use those 10 dollars. Might not sound like alot but it kinda is personally to me. Please contact me with a answer if you think you can help me. Thank you! - Hydra
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    Hey HydraPort, can you create an account here?
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    It worked and i made an account but now it launched uPlay and it says a Ubisoft service is currently unavailable
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