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    Coon/neutral/... and draw suggestions

    why no superhero coon and friends theme? would it be too many of themes then? (I guess it will be...) but with that another part for the single player game could be added and that would be neat-o.

    and I once saw a suggestion with every character as neutral. including the main heroes. and if that will ever happen, Stan's ability has to be vomit. could be ranged. tweek would speed allies when warcry or deathwish; etc.

    Ms Cartman as neutral card with a gun as ranged. (from that episode where everyone had a gun). or some kind of sexy charge ability, hypnotizing enemy like Timmy does.

    reuse the grounding power of Mr Stoch from fractured but whole, he can have a warcry where enemies can't move from their spot for some time. (they can still fight)

    lastly, could there be a reward when there's a draw, I had too many of those for my liking. at least having an option to open only one locker. one. draws are played the longest too and the only win can be a phone destroyed, but what if there's none or you aren't playing for the pack? such a let-down.
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    Apr 2018
    Stan - Toolshed
    Kyle - Human Kite
    Tweek - Wonder Tweek
    The Minions (hamster swarm)
    Wendy - Call Girl
    Clyde - Mosquito
    Craig - Super Craig
    Token - Tupperware
    Warrior Bebe

    Dougie - General Disarray
    Cartman - The Coon
    Captain Hindsight
    Jimmy - Fastpass
    Timmy - Iron Maiden
    Kenny - Mysterion

    Captain Diabetes
    Darth Chef
    Spider Randy (Randy as Spiderman)

    Butters - Professor Chaos
    Mint Berry Crunch

    That's a theme, without any spells or an Ike
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