Map Name will be something like: "2018-4 Maze ##2b"

("b" is the latest version, after multiple play testing, and suggestions, from 2018
April (aka. "4").
IF more is added, it will be in "2c" or "2d", etc. You get the method... to the madness.

##2 means, it can be played in 2 player CO-OP mode.)
... and you may START with NOTHING... but they have strewn all stuff along the ground...
to give you a "chance". (I can hear them laughing now!)

This is ALMOST more of an OPEN Maze, in later sections... but DEADLY in MANY WAYS...
The Enemy has set up booby traps... and evil ways to GET YOU!
(This is one way CO OP may give you a better chance! One survives, and helps the other one.)
... but if the soldiers don't get you... the Animals might... or your recklessness. *ka-boom*

Still (unlike your dead character) you, the player, always has ... "RETRY"!!! :-D

I have NOT found a way to do this map UNDETECTED.
... and I doubt anyone can.

Its not really THAT sort of "sneaky" map... Its more a "SURVIVE IF YOU CAN" Map...
and "Find the EXIT!"

Its got a few Mazes... and some will perhaps be too HARD for you... *awww*
But THAT is what I was challenged to do!
I DO foresee people giving up... then, the enemy objective is achieved! Kinda.
The Enemy WANTS you to give up... and DIE, like the rest.

... but WILL YOU!?!

I have a bunch of FC4 playing friends, who love Mazes, AS I DO!
.. and they were complaining that the Mazes I have made are TOO EASY!!!

Challenge Accepted!

Try this one, then!
Map: "2018-4 Maze ##2b"
"2b" or not "2b"... That is the question....
... until 2c.

Have fun.

NEW! Now you can CLIMB UP, on the Maze Walls!

... and there are VEHICLES... some are better than others...
... but some can be "TRAPPED"
(play it and see)

YEAH! You BETTER RUN!!! (After they have been SHOOTING AT YOU!) :-D

... and don't run over
your little helpers!!! Some of the animals WILL attack your enemies.
(doesn't make them your FRIENDS, tho! You still have to watch out!)


Time to RETRY...
Your allies expect you to! ... Your enemies expect you to stay defeated!

That's what its for!