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    Not getting credit for Bunker wins

    Since the start of the X Games season I have not gotten credit for wins on several occasions. Just recently I beat all three competitors and even though stars were shown my rank never increased (it should have gone from 15 to 13). A few days ago the same thing happened.
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    Hi mformby, we’re aware of this issue. We’re investigating this issue and working on a fix for it. Sorry for the negative Season Ranks due to this issue. We’ll update you about the same as soon as possible.
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    Same thing is happening to me right now.

    How is this going to be resolved?
    It has wasted some of my golden tickets as I spent a few to get a win which isn't getting counted, and I'm not willing to lose the opportunity to win two tracks and other rewards because of this issue.


    Here are pictures for proof.
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    Same issue here
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    Not getting credit for wins

    When will this b fixed? I’m about ready to just uninstall and play something else
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    This is absurd. I'm constantly winning PvP battles and loosing stars.
    I was 9 - 4 stars, winning streak. I've won 3 battles, I saw stars being awarded to me and then everything was reset. I was 8 - 2 stars, then demoted to 8 - 0 stars, next win got me just 1 star, then it reset to 0 stars.

    How incompetent are you guys??
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