Im sure things like this have been suggested in the past, but here goes.

I would like there to be a card burn feature. There are some games where I have an absolute crap hand. I mean dreadful. All of my 4s and a 3 for example. I would love a card burn feature. How it would work: To the right of the deck, there will be a small card shaped box with an X through it. At the beginning of the deck it's lit. If you drag a card over it, that burns the card and wastes no energy. Then a 30 second timer starts. After 30 seconds, the box lights up again. This can happen the whole game.

I feel like this is a good balance. This would change up the game quite a bit. First off, it would give players a much better chance at comboing, and second it would make non-balanced games a bit more balanced by making sure your loss didn't come at the crap luck of the draw as much as it does now.