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    Developer Update: Incan Craig is here and Update Tomorrow!

    Hey everyone, Buck from RedLynx here!

    This week we’ve gathered a little bit more information about the next update that’s coming tomorrow, May 17th and a bit of information about the event.


    This week, we’ll be having a team event that will be a card usage event - players will be able to gain points by using selected cards and winning PvP matches to progress through the event and collect prizes. This event will be Adventure themed and will be featuring a brand new card, Incan Craig and a new sweet outfit to go along with it.

    This week, we’ll also be hosting our weekly Developer Livestream, answering community questions, raffling off sweet loot, including a few copies of the brand new card and some of our sweet Phone Destroyer T-shirts.

    *tattoos not included

    Tune in on Facebook Live and Twitch this Thursday at 8 PM Pacific/ 11 PM Eastern to hang out with us, ask your questions, and maybe even win some sweet loot!


    We have now set a date for our next update, which will start to roll out tomorrow, May 17th at approximately 7am UTC. Some of the fixes coming are listed below:

    • Pre-battle screen will sometimes not show up before a match start
    • Sometimes Legendary Skill Rating appears to go down after a win
    • This is confirmed to be a visual bug only
    • Cards slowed by Towelie remain slowed if mind controlled
    • New Kid Zap range will sometimes be shorter than intended
    • Sometimes, Headhunter units will continue attacking Zen Cartman after taunt
    • Improved targeting for Charge Units (Dwarf King/Hercules Clyde & Space Warrior Token)
    • Players will now see confirmation popup whenever they use “Buy all” or “PvP Pack Refresh” function
    • Fixed issue where players experienced constant "Log in to Game Center to continue" pop-up
    • Fixed an issue where Pope Timmy would not properly resurrect certain swarm units
    • Fixed an issue where Google Play login could sometimes fail
    • Fixed an issue where an outfit could be displayed twice in the shop
    • Fixed issues with various New Kid outfits
    • Fixed an asset loading issue with Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Fixed several display issues with Daily Deals
    • Fixed issues with first party authorization on iOS
    • Fixed display issues with the asset download bar
    • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements


    The next balance patch is still being tested and things are still changing, I can briefly go over discuss the goal for our next patch and mention a few of the cards that will likely have some buffs incoming. We have been taking a look at the overall use rate of several cards and themes overall and we feel that there are several Mystical cards that deserve a bit of love. We are looking at balance changes coming to: Master Ninjew, Witch Doctor Token, Hermes Kenny and Energy Staff (with a few more that are being discussed). These are not final, which is why I don’t have full detailed changes just yet, but as we test and adjust over the next two weeks, we will give you the more detailed patch notes. In regards to balance, please bear in mind that in our pursuit for a balanced and exciting game, all cards are subject to balance changes.

    That’s all we have for you this week, so until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    -Your Community Team-
    Buck🦌, Steve🚀 and Toller🐶
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    The most important part of this update...

    *tattoos not included. 🤣😂🤣
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    Fantastic to see buffs for some of these underused mystical cards!!! Can’t wait till all legendaries are pants-crappingly good.
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    Originally Posted by camelchasers Go to original post
    Fantastic to see buffs for some of these underused mystical cards!!! Can’t wait till all legendaries are pants-crappingly good.
    I agree. Legendary cards need to be something that is dealt with immediately when played. Like Mecha Timmy and Stan of many moons. When those cards are played you try to get them eliminated asap because they will wreak havoc if they stay in too long.

    Also, I asked this in the last update thread, but can "improved targeting charge" be explained a little better? Does this mean once you play a card the charge can't be blocked by the opponent playing another card? Example: opponent plays Mecha Timmy. Player plays Hercules Clyde. Opponent plays butters. Butters takes the hit from Clyde
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    I think Somm is still too op , maybe nerf his charge so he just takes out lvl4 assassins at lvl1 and kill lvl5 assassins at lvl2 , whit the buffs , I think that you should buff Medusa bebe attack speed and don’t forget to buff butters
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    5 is too high of a cost. Unless his warcry and attack speed are fricking phenomenal...
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    they mean that on YOUR client side you cast it on bebe, but on their client side he dropped rats before you saw it, but the ping adjusted results caused him to kill one rat....
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    improve anti hacks system when????

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    Are going to nerf Fantasy anytime soon?
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    Everytime my Deckhand Butters dies his heal turns into a little orb, and doesn't heal what it's intended to heal.
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