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    No way to share tracks on PS4, and level no more increase since a long time


    I can't share tracks from my PS4 since for or five month, I just got a message 'Error occured, Ubisoft Server are unavailable for the moment ...".
    I tried a lot of time, at different hours, result is always the same, and for differents own tracks.

    Since same périod, my level never increase when I finish a track and I'm blocker to level 192....

    I uninstalled and re-installed Trial fusion => Same problem

    Have an idea in order to solve this both problems?
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    Hello! Apologies for the frustrations.

    We have had a thread on the General page outlining the PS4 uploading issue. You can find that here ->> PS4 Creater Upload Issue (Update 5/15/18) - Fix!

    As for the leveling up issue, is this continuing now and have you reached out to our support team for help? support.ubi.com
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