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    Hi. I am reading all these messages here and i cant understund. Why am i out of the game? Playing all this time with no problems and now this. I gave my money to you buying for the game and for my sons too. Its your problem to find a solution for me so i can play again. Otherwise just give me my money back. I have a powerfull mobile phone, not rooted, and never cheated. Find a solution. I am waiting for a quick responce. (And please dont say that my device is not compatible. Say that you are not compatible anymore, if you are not, or or just find a way to be)
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    Originally Posted by negodyaeff Go to original post
    I didn't try but people say it worked this way. And after you download TF you can change everything back.
    Well, I suppose I should try this.

    Just hoping my account is not deleted (playing for more than 3 years, I'm not planning to restart from the beginning)

    Thx anyway !
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    Originally Posted by Yaum77 Go to original post
    Well, I suppose I should try this.
    Check PM
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    Banido pelo butch

    Majoroti- Ao actualizar versão 6.0 fui banido...uma vez k de cada actualização tenho k baixar o jogo por outro site qualquer porque pelo Google play não consigo fazê-lo! Diz sempre o aparelho não é compatível com esta versão! Inclusive reportei à admin. Nunca joguei com dinheiro ilimitado ou quaisquer outras habilidades falsas! Andei sempre pelo meio da tabela! Facilmente a Admin. Consegue saber quer faz jogo falso! Mas bem não vou voltar a iniciar o jogo pois já não tenho paciência p isso! Só digo isto Butch abre os olhos! Saudações de Portugal....
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    Originally Posted by CaptainWeelie Go to original post
    • Trying to Hack the game Servers
    • Trying to ‘speed-hack’
    • Trying to hack the in-game Inventory
    • Trying to reach on the top of the Leaderboards by any other unfair means
    Originally Posted by CaptainWeelie Go to original post
    all your previous records will be deleted.
    Soo how about those:
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    I got banned?

    I just installed today your game trials frontier cause it looks cool. After finishing the tutorials , a window appeared that im banned. Why? I just downloaded it today and im already banned? Fix it asap pls so i can play that game!.
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    Hi Captain!

    No entiendo que ha pasado. Yo, como otros comentan, no he utilizado cheats en ningun momento y me he currado el juego entero sin trampas. No comprendo como me pueden expulsar del juego sin haber hecho trampas. Que puedo hacer ahora?? Deberian darle una solucion
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    Banned for no reason

    Hello i was banned for no reason. the game insulted me in calling me a dweeb then a cheater which iam not. My first time playing the game finished my first and only race then it insults me and says iam banned for cheating wow. Can some one in ubisoft help me and unbanned i think your anticheat system is bugged thanks
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    Originally Posted by RaZiNGaMeRz Go to original post
    My first time playing the game finished my first and only race
    Just install it directly form Google Play. Game doesn't work when installed from other sources like downloaded apk file.
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    Hurray!!! \o/ Top 1.0%, played for years. Almost since the beginning.
    Banned because i tried to install and play the game from another source than the google play store. (At least i guess thats the reason...)
    If i'd knew that it would lead to a ban, i wouldn't have tried to play it on my current mobile and bought myself a proper phone with stock Android in order to play Trails Frontier.
    So thanks Butch, or who ever is responsible for this.
    I guess thats it.
    Bye and thanks for banning people without any warning that they did something wrong. Sincerely,
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