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    Hi guys, I just want to know how do I increase the amount of Flares in versus mode?
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    If you've shot all of them, you can refill at the ammo box. Having more flares from the start is not possible I think.
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    No, the ammo box thing didnt work. There was one server when I play as mercenary and I started with 17 flares, which by default is 10. So I was wondering how did that guy did increase the amount of flares?

    P.S. If the torchlight did work,(which it doesnt work for me cause I got a nvidia 8 series card) I wouldnt be asking this question.
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    Well, if you have a backpack and your teammate has one too, you'll end up with a lot of flares. Though you won't really need them, since you can always use the Motion-Tracking-Vision (the red vision) as some sort of nightvision. These things are only possible in the story mode and not in Deathmatch though, unless the host choose to have alternate server settings, which most don't.
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    OK...then the answer to my question is "No", but thanks for the info.
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