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    Another Youtube Channel

    I've had my youtube channel for a bit now, but just recently, I decided to dive into doing Phone Destroyer videos. So if you guys want another channel to watch, why not give me a try? Phone Destroyer isn't going to be the only game I play on it but it'll probably become a daily series just because I play it a lot just as is. I'm currently legendary rank 1,669 and I've been playing since the game has been released to the public. I main a sci-fi and adventure deck, never switched out of it.

    If you guys like the sound of that, check it out:

    Also I do show my face and talk so yeah, enjoy my rage.

    Also today I turn 20 so I'm obligated to have everyone here sub to me, thank ya. (Only kidding, but I am 20 today, woo)
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    just checked the video:

    i was looking the game btw you and Illniner: he extraspawn a Lightning Bolt at cost of 3,42 at the second boosted phase at 0:40 (15,42 energy points available against 16 played), and after he spawned Rats at cost of 2,75 (18,75 e.p. available against 19 played).
    suspected was also the last card played at 0:00 with 0 ,00 energy points less.
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