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    Platform: PC
    Country: Poland
    Ubi: Pawel_G.

    Complete last challenge and achievements in arcade mode (co-op)
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    added you
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    co-op games

    i like a good scrap. will watch your back
    platform: PC
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    Coop challenge

    Please help me with 3 coop mission challenge.
    Game tag: Joe.Momma
    Thank you
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    farcry4 help in second half of game with outposts. PS4

    I figured I might have a better chance finding help here. Looking for someone to co op with me to get the second set of ouposts opened up. Just finished key to the north and the newer outposts are harder. I really want to get 4 done before I start on 5

    PS4 Lookinup937
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    Platform : PC
    Location : UK
    Age : 30's

    Don't care whether join or host (completed game 6 times and probably restarting any time soon).

    Play style : Prefer S.U.N, but but really don't care. Happy to have fun however you want to play. But I don't take things too seriously. So if you're super serious/pro then I'm not you're guy. I just wanna have fun. I'M NOT "GOOD" (lol).

    Add me and lets shoot some beardy-weirdys.
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    On ps4
    looking for someone to complete 3 Co-Op missions with for trophy, Will still be helping people out when I am finished
    Hmu psn: thanksdaughter
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    Platform: PC
    Country: Poland
    Ubi: Pawel_G.

    Arcade competitor achievement need help. (win 10 games in featured maps. It possible to 1 vs 1 to unlock that?
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    Looking for someone to complete 3 co-op missions for the trophy.
    PS4 tomassino51
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    You're wrong

    Progression saves for both people that are playing.
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