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    Ninja Action in Trials Frontier!

    Hi guys,
    since i recently abandoned Facebook (as everyone should in my opinion, but i wont get into detail here) i was looking for a new platform to share runs of my "Backwheel only"-series and also to make a comprehensive list of how difficult each of the tracks are to do BW-only! So I decided to go for this forum, although it seems as if theres not too much action here, maybe we'll be able to revive it a little bit!

    I dont have any experience with Trials Ninja levels in the other games (Fusion, Evo), so i was always hesitant to actually think about putting the tracks i do BW-only into categories, but now that ive done over 30 tracks i decided why not just go for it.

    I've been sticking to Tier 1 only for now, and will keep doing so until i think im at a point where theres no way i can do the rest of the Tier 1 tracks due to loopings or other impossible passages! Only then will i move on to Tier 2.

    Full Playlist:

    The way i thought is best doing this is by putting the tracks into following categories:

    • Not Ninja Level
    • Ninja Level 1 (Medium)
    • Ninja Level 1 (Hard)
    • Ninja Level 2 (Medium)

    So yea, I'll put the tracks ive done so far into this list and update in the replies whenever i get new ones i think.

    Not Ninja Level

    The Cave


    Ninja Level 1 (Medium)

    Trial of Courage

    Spider Kingdom

    Flower Hills

    Fire Oasis


    City Blues

    Crow Nest

    Pike Alley

    Snowcap Smackdown

    Underground Slopes

    Walrus Road

    Container Grounds

    Market Street

    Parched Cliff

    Rest In Pieces

    Dark Smoke

    Workshop Path

    Petrol Falls

    Pumpkin Patch

    Ninja Level 1 (Hard)

    Fault Village

    Forgotten Factory

    Faceplant Precinct

    Lift of Doom

    High Tide Heights

    The Aqueduct

    Cave Crossing


    Ninja Level 2

    Forbidden Path


    Serpent Slough

    Impact Attics

    Snowman Haven

    Disc: This is merely my personal opinion, if somebody has suggestions or has also done certain tracks BW-only and feels like i put that track into a wrong category please let me know!
    Also shoutout to Captain Wheelie ;D
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    Ninja Level 1 (Hard)

    KTM Course
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    Ninja Level 1 (Medium)

    Root Canal
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    Nice thread. Been watching these bw video for a while. Great to see them all together and categorised.
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    Thanks man! Yea im still a little unsure about some placings, and im thinking about doing a NJ LVL 1 (easy) category, because some of the tracks in the medium slot are way harder than others but we'll see haha!
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    Go for it my dude :P
    Just takes some practice and patience! Let me know about the tracks you beat!
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    Hey not bad! Getting to the end of the tracks is already something
    Keep goin mate!
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    Hello AUT-CenTuy-TTT – that’s an impressive collection of backwheel/wheelie runs! I’m sure your skills on one wheel are helping you in the current Season!
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    You show some amazing skills in these videos and well done to you, I've watched plenty of your runs on YouTube.
    As you would have realised with the current event, skills will only get you so far because I'm afraid all your skill could still be negated by someone who is willing to win by spending as long as they need to get enough Fan points to still win. The only current solution is to join them in the time wasting crashfest.

    Even with an incredible run through the track this still does nothing to stop someone taking 10 minutes and 25 faults on each track to beat an outstanding run.
    Such a shame that the skill of a rider isn't what decides the victory.
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