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    I go to the map and mark a waypoint on the power substation where I can get a helicopter armed with rockets. I fly in John's ranch plane and chute down to the waypoint. Once airborne I ascend to where John is and zig and zag to avoid his guns. Usually I shoot him down with rockets then chute down to his position on the ground and take him out.
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    Medium difficulty.

    First I thought it was about chasing and shooting but saw quite early that there was a mechanic to his flying and reactions. So I decided to try the more boring way, which was to lower my speed to such a degree that whatever he did, I was practically always on his tail or side. Hitting was still kind of tricky as mentioned above the mechanics are not very fluent and arcade-wise, as the controls indicate.

    But to sum it up, lower your speed. That is the key to take him down by yourself. After he crashed, I jumped, parachuted quite late, kept an eye on his "blip". Took some drugs (speed) and hunted him down. He died in a nice clearing where I could take some pretty nice looking screenshots. Good luck.
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    You can also do this:

    - exit plane
    - parachute
    - RAT4

    => BOOM!

    i didn't read through the 5 pages, sry, if mentioned already.
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    Slow down

    So, beside the cheaty versions, there are a couple things that help:

    Auto repair perk keeps you in the air.
    slow to about 2/3 speed. Then, when they make a pass at you, when you turn, they end up in front of you, and they stay there. letting you shoot them with bullets, or a rocket if you're close enough.
    Shoot in front of them, and let them fly into the stream.

    Watch out if you add the pilot to help you. Suddenly the tailgunner on the plane gets a lot better, and more often than not, the pilot shoots me, trying for the bad guy.
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    Did you use your missiles?
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    Easy if you know how!

    This boss fight drove me mad!
    Couldn’t agree more - the plane controls are ridiculous. The rockets are aware of time.

    I completed this part purely by fluke. I got shot out of the plane and had the dog (boomer?) revive me. I then used the RAT 4 rocket launcher with the lock on scope to blow up John seeds plane.

    Simple, effective and very lucky....
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