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    Xbox one wired controller

    Hi i have a isssue with the xbox one wired controller i have pressed all the buttons moved the sticks but nothing works evrything works fine in far cry 4 but far cry 5 for some reason it will not work is this a fault that needs patching?
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    same problem with razor controller and shield controller
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    Same problem with XBOX 360

    The game simply doesn't work with the gamepad.
    What are we supposed to do? I hate keyboard and mouse for games. It's uncomfortable and without potentiometers, the thing is just bad to play.
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    Gamepad glitch?

    i got it working through steam with the console mod thingy but for some reason everything works but the arrows on the left side. i just have to play without support, rocks or cameras the next few hours til i get an answer here i guess.

    by the way yes i have tried other games and other menus, far cry 5 is the only offender out of every game i own to this day.
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    Same issue, D-Pad not working. Come on UbiSoft, what is going on?
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    Same here, my nacon controler does not work...But it work on all previous far cry and assassin creed unity.

    C'mon Ubisoft make this game work with controller please!!
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    Stunning. I am in disbelief. Really??!?! I pre-ordered for this?? Please fix this immediately. Not a happy customer at all right now. Unreal.
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    Xbox one wired controller

    I do hope they sort this out played 2 hours with key board and mouse last night was a total nightmare on there supported peripherals it says microsoft xbox one controller here the link https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/0...Far-Cry-5-FC5/
    the game says it found new controller but nothiing works come on ubisoft please fix this
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    Logitech Wired Controller doesn't work either

    What the heck?
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    Figured out my controller problem - controller must be in "DirectInput" mode - there is a switch on the underside of the controller that must be set to the right.
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