Meet the Far Cry community team!

Our team is just as excited about the game as you are, and we want to hear everything about your Far Cry experience!
Show us your favorite screenshots, videos, cosplay, Arcade maps, and everything you love about the game.

Hey I’m Ubi-Swaguchi. I joined the team in July 2017 (adjust to November 2017 if its for Far Cry specifically). If I could choose only one Gun/Fang for hire it would be Boomer because he is the goodest boy .

Hello! I’m UbiDomZ and I joined the team in August 2017. My all-time favorite Ubisoft games are Beyond Good & Evil, Blood Dragon, and of course Far Cry 5. If I could only choose one Fang For Hire, it would be Peaches because I love cats!

Hey there, I am CJ and I’ve been with Ubisoft since February 2017. I joined the Far Cry Community team in February 2018.
I’m a mostly single-player gamer who enjoys many different genres, but I always appreciate a nice story! My go-to Gun for Hire is Hurk. Because explosions.

Hello! My name is Felipe, known as Panettoni, and I joined the Far Cry team in January 2018.
I like to play a lot of different games, but recently I've been playing a lot of Rainbow 6 Siege!! If I could only choose one Gun For Hire, it would be Grace Armstrong because.....HEAD SHOT!

Plus, we are also here to help you! Ask us all of your questions about Far Cry 5 and we'll even reach out to the developers directly to find your answers.
You can find us hanging out on the Ubisoft forums, social media pages, reddit, or Steam. Feel free to reach out any time- we're here to make sure you're enjoying the Far Cry adventure!

Thanks for being a part of our community- we'll see you in-game!