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    So i can't get #7 nor #1 (if i forget the first time) until i have a wall breaking sword? so after completing both towers?
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    I wasn't very clear.

    You can get 1 thru to 6 before you get the scorpion sword. I didn't try but you should be able to get all of them at the very end, although I wouldn't want to get any of the tower based ones.

    For 7 it says lion sword but should say scorpion sword. You'll know which giant when it happens. It's tougher than the others you face.

    You'll be able to get 8 after 7, the prince will make a remark about the library and how much knowledge it must contain.

    Then once you get to the central hall after getting 7 and 8 you'll be able to get 9 by flicking the sword switch in the central hall around to its first position and then making your way back to where 9 is.
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    How far into the Clock Tower is #6? I've encountered two giants but neither of them have thrown bombs. Just gone back to the present for the first time in this tower. Have I missed it or is it yet to come? And if so how far away am I?

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    Your next giant will throw bomb... one side is an abvious hidden door. go to the opposite side, the same spot will have a real hidden door.
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    Also i need help on #5: part: "water and gardens"
    place: where you do the water puzzle and activate the 2nd tower. there's a picture of that place,it's in this board called:"Garden Area STUCK! help please" by tokubetsu

    I can't recall how i can get back to this place...
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    And you want to get back to the top of the Water/Garden Tower?

    Hate to say it but if you're in the main hall you may just have to climb it again. I'd hope, but can't promise as I've not tried going back there, that the ladder you used to climb down into the fountain square will still be there so you could actually climb back up quickly without changing time.

    Once you do get back it's really easy to find. I kicked myself when I read where it was, but was lucky enough that I'd saved and quit just after activating the tower so I was still in the area. You have to turn all the things round again so that you can get back up to the small room where you switched the water on, then literally look up and you'll see a doorway on the back wall. There's a few ledges to climb and then you're in. Make sure you reset the fountain things to the right place after or it may screw up the game.
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    On #9 -- I haven't gotten the Wraith Mask yet.

    Am I correct saying I need to get that before I get the mask otherwise I get stuck?

    This was before the Fortress Entrance too? I'm trying to pinpoint its location.

    I can't get it pre-Scorpion sword because I need a weapon that can break through walls.

    I just need #7, #8 and #9.

    On #8, I assume that's party of the previously unexplored fortress I never ventured (blacked ou t on map) until now.

    Thanks for the valuable information!
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    ONomad, I'll tell you where to get all dem upgrrrades.

    #7 you get a little bit after you get the scorpion sword. You'll fight Thrall (he's a stronger Brute with a life bar) and climb a ladder in the room he came from and when you get to the top THAT is where the life upgrade is. If you look on one side of that room is one wall that can be broken with a switch behind it and a little farther is another wall with the door behind it, so break both walls, hit the switch, go slo-mo, and run through the door, and the life upgrade is at the end of the long line of traps.

    #8 you get near the end of the library part while you're still the prince. You'll be on top of the rectangular raised areas... balancing on the beams. It's hard to explain, but you'll jump across the library from one of these rings onto another, until you see that you can jump to a pole and swing into a very dark corridor. Instead of jumping to that pole, walk carefully around to the other end of the ring, jump to the ledge, lower yourself to the lowest ledge, shimmy across, raise yourself up through the door, and pass the traps. It sounds confusing but it's really not if you keep your eyes open.

    #9 stumped me for a while too, but you get it AFTER you are the sandwraith (as in, after you take the mask off). The second you're back to being the prince, turn around and set the switch to its original position (look at the floor for the slot that the handle popped out of if you can't remember) and then climb up the rocks and wall run and jump to the balcony. After a few traps you'll be in the room with the life upgrade, and you have to navigate the room all the way to the top, just before you'd jump to the beam where you'd jump to the switch and down via curtain. There you can break the semii-broken grate and move the block onto the platform. If you look up you'll see the hole. You have to put the block right up against the wall, wall run off the block straight up, and then do a few wall jumps until you're up there. Hit the switch, go slo-mo, go through the door, navigate the traps and get the upgrade. When you go back there's no switch to open the door, but don't panic, because you can easily get over the door (if you look up you'll see).

    With that, just go to the hourglass room, after the cutscene go back and grab the water sword, and then go finish the game.
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    That was extremely informative. I appreciate the assistance!
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    You can get it BEFORE being the wraith which is even more useful. The instant you get out of the library and the clock tower WITH the scorpion sword you go back and get number 9..

    You'll want all the life you can get as a wraith.
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