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    Canít fuse parts or complete missions

    Iím playing on an iPhone 6, running iOS 11. I have missions open to upgrade my tango and jackal and cannot complete them. It will not allow me to fuse parts. Iíve tried all remedies and emailed support only to be told theyíd pass it on to the development team. My support ticket number is 05935180.
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    Still no help

    I received an email from customer support saying my ticket had been automatically closed because they hadnít heard from me. Iím the one whoís been waiting for a response. My issues still arenít fixed and Iíve received no help.
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    Awesome customer support. Only, not really.
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    @ PRIME_KAL_EL – Sorry about this. Could you please share your Ticket Number with us? Also, please PM me screenshots of the issue if possible.
    We’ll get in touch with the Support team to escalate this issue.
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    Canít fuse parts or upgrade bikes

    Original support ticket number is 05935180.
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    No response to my post or to the message I sent. Customer support stinks.
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    Thanks for providing zero help. I donít plan on purchasing any more Ubisoft products if this is the quality of customer service.
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    I donít think I can fuse either. Whatís the deal?
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    I have no idea. Customer support and the forums have provided zero help.
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    Almost 6 months later, and still no help with this issue. I even deleted and started a new game. Everything worked fine until it asked me to link to Ubisoft. Then I could only choose to sync the previous, glitched save. I still canít fuse, upgrade bikes, or progress. The doghouse wonít even work. Your customer service and support team are garbage. Maybe I should spend actual money on the game to get help. That seems to be the only way to get a response. With all the complaints, I think a class action lawsuit should be filed. Especially with all the people that Iíve seen reporting issues with purchases.
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