So first off all things take time so be patiant. Am i in am in that is the queation we all ask. Well talking about its a good ide so check out this thread and talk you hart out.

So what is a beta test

A beta test is simply away for the developers to test the game. What works and what dosent, what crashes what hangs. So its not a fhinsished game we get to test.

So how to become a good beta tester

It all starts withe typing, be a active poster. You might think that youre ides are bad, nobody could be intrested in my stupied ide, and are they realy listening? There are no stupid ides in betas there is not 1 post to many, and oh yes they are listing. So post what ever the other beta testers are saying.(do not spam)

What should i be looking for?

They dont realy know just tell them everything you find. And dont worry about other people telling the same thing 100 times the more the marryer.

My english is bad so i am affraid!

Trust me they can handel it. over 4000 post all withe typose and im still going strong. And if they get realy nasty i know some one that can help And znorkish is a offical language!

Is beta testing like playing the game?

no its not, mostliky the game is boring becuse of all the erros that is way you are there. You asked to be in

Is it fun?

Oh yes it is! Beta testing for me is more fun then playing the fhinished game.

What is this NDA they are talking about?

Just dont tell anyone anything. And dont brag to muche to youre frinds. And if do screw up man they are gona get you becuse making games is big busniss and ubi loves lawyers!

So short summery

play the game and make posts about it and report bugs. And a beta is not a fhinished game.

And no i dont know where code is!

So go off to play heros while you wait